Welcome to Westlake Christian Academy!
Waukegan Bible Church
Original home of Waukegan Christian School
"During these forty years, the Lord your God has been with you, and you have lacked nothing." (Deut. 2:7b)
Westlake Christian Academy rejoices that God’s faithfulness has allowed us to provide Christian families with a solid academic education from a Christ-centered perspective for more than forty years! Our journey began in 1972, when we opened the doors as The Waukegan Christian School in our rented facilities at Waukegan Bible Church. After moves to Zion and Gurnee and a name change, God provided a permanent Grayslake home for Westlake Christian Academy in 2002.

Westlake Christian Academy
Westlake Christian Academy today
As a pre-kindergarten to 12th grade Christian school, Westlake provides a well-rounded education which includes scholastics, athletics, fine arts, and community service in a nondenominational, evangelical context. This context is established on the foundation of discipleship in Jesus Christ. Every aspect of Westlake is geared to the spiritual growth of our students.

So, what makes Westlake Christian distinct?

At Westlake, your child will:
  • Pray in school
  • Be discipled by a teacher who is a Christ-follower
  • Learn within the framework of a biblical worldview
  • Hide God’s word in their heart all day, every day
  • Learn how to share their faith and live out the Great Commission
  • Be taught they were uniquely designed and created by God
  • Make Christian friendships that will last a lifetime and beyond
  • Develop radical faith that will enable them to step out of the boat, walk on water and impact the world for Jesus Christ
  • Begin the life-long discipleship journey of learning how to reflect the character, conduct and commitment of the Master, Jesus Christ